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     We've outdone ourselves with this one. From our many years in the POS supply business, including 20 years as an authorized supplier for PostalMate we know your needs like the back of our hands. OLSON & IVES is proud to present our Station Hardware Package, which includes the POS-X EVO 1D Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, and a POS-X ION Receipt Printer!  And it includes our award winning remote login service to setup your entire system. Yes, we do make it easy!


    • CASH DRAWER ♦ All steel quality built, ♦ 2 external front drawer slots ♦Interface cable included
      • POS-X ION RECEIPT PRINTER ♦ This printer combines reliably performance with good value. This is our best selling receipt printer. Includes USB cable. Available in Black.
      •  1D CORDED BARCODE SCANNER  ♦ Scans DHL, FedEx, UPS, UPC, and USPS bar codes ♦ Scan 50000 barcodes in a single charge. 1D Technology
        • Works with PostalMate®, and other POS software

            And of Course - FREE SHIPPING!

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